Sailing Tuition on the Norfolk Broads

Martham Boats in association with The Norfolk Broads School of Sailing offer the opportunity to learn to sail under the professional guidance and tuition of RYA Instructors.

We offer you this service for both day sailing boats and on our fleet of broads sailing yachts. If you have never sailed before, don’t be put off, for with just a few days training you will be able to develop the skills required to become a capable skipper enjoying the freedom to sail the Broads network with confidence.

If you already sail but would like a short refresher or want to increase your boating skills and sailing performance, we offer hourly rate tuition sessions specifically tailored to your individual requirements (minimum 3 hours).

Contact the office, where our friendly bookings team will be happy to help you.

How It Works

For Day Sailing

If you’ve never sailed before and are wondering whether you would like it or not, then a half day or full days Taster Session with an experienced helm may well suit you. Under their watchful eye, you would be encouraged to take part in sailing the boat, taking the helm and learning to trim the sails on one of our open half decker day yachts.You may prefer to sit back and let others taken an active role while you enjoy the sheer beauty and tranquillity of the Broads. That’s fun too!

For Sailing Yachts

The instructors join you at the boatyard and assist in the handover showing you the ropes, before moving off up river to open water where sail training takes place. With you during the day time, your instructor will teach you all the essential elements of sailing craft necessary for confidently mooring and manoeuvring under power, going on to teach you how to sail. At the end of the day’s tuition, the instructor will leave you to enjoy your own time, joining you again the following morning.

Starting from scratch and working up to a level where you can understand and manage the basics of sail takes around 15 hour tuition. Achieving a standard whereby you can sail in light conditions without and instructor can be achieved within 25 hours.

Sailing up river we will take you to either Horsey Mere or Hickling Broad which are open stretches of water perfectly suited to beginners. With few other boats around we can concentrate on learning the very basics without needing to worry about bumping into others!

For those choosing a full day, lunch can be taken in Hickling before we continue with new adventures and the eventual return journey to the yard. The price is fixed and is not based on the numbers on board; however while our boats will accommodate up to five guests we would recommend not more than four guests, as more personal and greater comfort can be enjoyed with fewer people on board.

Sailors wanting a “Brush Up”

Simply tell us your thoughts and we will work out a personalised plan together, based entirely on you and what you want to learn. You can’t fail to improve with professional coaching!

Contact the office, where our friendly bookings team will be happy to help you.

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