Conditions of Hire

  1. When bookings are made, the amount stated as deposits for each craft must be remitted; the balance of hire charge becomes due 28 days before the start of your holiday or cash may be paid on your arrival with consent of the owners. If a booking is made within 28 days of the start date you will normally have to pay the full hire charge when the booking is made. If you wish to change your booking once it has been confirmed by us a charge of £8.00 will be made for office expenses.(As the hire charges include 20% VAT they are subject to change should the VAT rate change).We reserve the right to pass on any costs incurred in conversion of foreign currencies ( such as charges for processing Eurocheques),and any costs arising from representing UK chques and processing late payments.
  2. If you have to cancel your holiday,you must notify us immediately in writing. If we are successful in re-letting deposit only will be lost, if we are not able to re-let you will be held responsible for the full hire charge. If you cancel within 21 days of your holiday please telephone before writing.
  3. Bookings from clients under 18 years of age cannot be excepted unless they have written consent from parent or guardians. This only applies to person make the booking not the whole party.
  4. A Free trial run will be given to every hirer of craft before the start of their cruise, after which the hirer is responsible for any damage or lost to craft or equipment. Subject to the conditions of insurance policy in force on the craft.With yachts a charge may be madefor any extra instruction you need.
  5. It should be noted that the boat operator and agent can accept no responsibility for loss of time or expense occasioned through any defect, breakage or breakdown occurring during the cruise. In the unlikely event of such occurrence,the hirer should get in touch with us at once when immediate steps repair,no matter where the craft is moored. The craft are thoroughly inspected and every precaution is taken to prevent trouble of this nature.
  6. The boat operator and agent shall not be responsible for any loss of time due to any unforeseen circumstances e.g. flooding, navigational works, shortage or non availability of fuel, industrial action or any other cause, and we reserve the right to restrict cruising if unusual or hazardous conditions prevail.
  7. Clients take possession of the boat at 3pm on week bookings, 2pm on short breaks (subject to unavoidable delays), should servicing be completed beforehand we are glad for client to take over the boat earlier. Any party arriving after 5pm will be checked in and shown out the following morning. The boat must be returned not later than 9 am to our boatyard, and must be left in a clean and tidy state, failing this return procedure an extra charge will be made at our discretion.
  8. A non refundable damage waiver,£35 is charged and must be paid 28 days before take over. This gives you full cover in the event of damage to the craft and equipment. You may still be responsible for loss or damage to the crafts equipment caused by negligence or wilful damage, or if the conditions of hire are not abided by.
  9. A tank of fuel is provided. If you need any more fuel, this will be at your own expense.
  10. In case of an accident, it is the duty of the hirer to: 1 Ascertain the name of any other craft involved, together with the name of the owner and hirer. 2 To report the facts and the extent of damage to us, as soon as possible. The boat operator and agent cannot hold themselves responsible for loss or damage to personal effects, these should be covered under a personal baggage policy.
  11. No craft may be taken to sea i.e. below the Haven Bridge at Great Yarmouth, or through the lock at Lowestoft, or compete in races without written permission from us. Craft are not supplied with navigation lights and, therefore hirers are not permitted to cruise after dark. Your speed must not be such as to inconvenience or endanger other users of the waterways. No portable heaters of any type, lighting equipment, TV sets or electric appliances other than an electric razor may be taken aboard the boat without our permission.
  12. You are asked to notify any shortcomings on your boat to us immediately so that they can be remedied for you. No claims can be considered for shortcomings not so notified.
  13. No craft may be occupied by more persons than stated, without prior permission from us beforehand. Additional persons can be accommodated on some boat at an extra charge per person. There is no extra charge for children under 5 yrs.
  14. You are welcome to bring your cat or dog* with you, a charge of £35 per week is made for this. Please bring a basket as pets are not allowed on the bedding or chairs. If after making your booking you decide to bring a pet with you, then please contact us for permission.
    *except fighting dog breeds including: Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Neapolitan Mastiffs, Japanese Akita, Japanese Tosas, Wolfhound hybreds or any crossbred dogs from these breeds.
  15. The boat company and agent will not be responsible for any death or injury save insofar as it results from our proven negligence. You are recommended to take out personal holiday insurance.
  16. Your vehicle and contents are left at own risk. The boat operator and agent will not be responsible for loss or damage from any cause except proven through our negligence. You are recommened to put your either undercover at £21.00 per week or ouyside at £11.00 per week.
  17. Layout plans of boats in the brochure are for your guidance.They are not to scale and alterations to accommodation during building or refitting may occur. Some boats within a class may have minor differences.
  18. Half deckers and launches only must not go below Stacey Arms.
  19. The 3 larger yachts Lapwing, America and Palace must have a minimum crew of four persons.
  20. Awnings are provided and should be fitted at night to utilise the space on the craft and for your comfort.
  21. Correct none slip footwear to be worn while on any of Martham Boats craft.