Winter on the Norfolk Broads

Here is a preview at what happens during the off-peak season at Martham Boats.

Many think that as the Summer has passed and the winter months are on the horizon, that the work load is minimized and jobs to be done are few and far between. In that case 'Many' are wrong.

During the Winter season the work team are here repairing and maintaining our traditional wooden motor cruisers and yachts. We undertake all kinds of repairs including engine & mechanical repairs, hull and decking repairs, rigging, interior fitting, upholstery and electrics.

Hull and Decking Repairs

In the header we have Javelin 2, who had recently collided with another boat and ended up the worse for wear. She was swiftly repaired as soon as she was placed in the shed. Our work team had to replace the back deck and other components underneath.

In the Winter of 2016 to 2017 we had a number of major repairs to do on Judith 4, she had to have a completely new keel put onto her which was one of the largest jobs that the team faced during the Winter period.

Engine and Mechanical Repairs

A lot of the repairs for the mechanical side of the boats are gas or water tanks, which slowly deteriorate over the years. Juliette 2 had a brand new engine put in during the Winter of 2016 which makes her a pleasure to operate.

Interior Fitting

The 2016/2017 Winter saw many minor interior fitting jobs complete, but there was nothing that came close to the size of the job on Twilight this year. Twilight had a brand new main beam put in, one new cabin side and the cabin front was also replaced. Making her one of the largest jobs that season, with 3 sizable and precise pieces of woodwork.